Saturday, 17 October 2015

So much Fuss over Serena Williams lips and eyebrow..smh

Serena Williams innocently shared this photo on her Instagram of her diamond earrings and wrote about hardwork and reward, unfortunately for her, people focused on her lips rather than her diamond studs claiming that she had lip injections..smh

She captioned the photo:
  serenawilliams A hardworking woman deserves to treat herself too #XIVkarats #strongisbeautiful

   oliviazao @jovi____ Lip job where...
  jovi____ @oliviazao she has fucking lip injections are you blind? Just look down a few photos and you will see more recent ones after the injections it's hideous. 
  weedzahmakemedance @jovi____ Lol no you must be blind or fishing for something because that women does not have lip injections.... No need for them she, she's not Kylie  
  slay.hazza @jovi____. Many black women are gifted with naturally plump lips. She denied having any plastic surgery or injections in prior interviews.
  jovi____ @slay.hazza how would you know how a black woman lip is supposed to look like?, you have to be stupid not to notice what is natural and what isn't. Look at her pics its stupidly obvious and its not hidden.

She  also shared this photo below and got criticized over her  eyebrows:

rvxiee.xHer eyebrows are too much @saffiee._ ❤️
saffiee._They look like she drawed them on @rvxiee.
 joyyversaceEwwww @alanahall021802
alanahall021802Gross is that serensalxnnx_Her eyebrows @rebareeves18

Serena is a beautiful black woman, period

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