Friday, 16 October 2015

Tamar Braxton wants you to know..


Braxton Family Values star Tamar Braxton might be at the peak of her career with a successful talk show, two reality series and a brand new album (not to mention she’s an audience favorite on Dancing With The Stars), but that hasn’t stopped her from going off on someone via Instagram.
Someone got Tamar Braxton riled up and she made her feelings clear via Instagram in a long-winded post.

She started out by tweeting a quote that appears to be something someone told her Wednesday.
“Stop blaming everyone for your behavior.”
She clapped back and added, “Smh..Classic case of when they want to put you in a box that you don’t belong in #Unbelievable”.
Braxton, who just released her newest project Calling All Lovers earlier this month, went on to post the tweet on Instagram with more details of where her message was coming from.

Oh well...sometimes ''venting'' can be good for you, but....some folks prefer social media drama :)

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