Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Victoria Secret takes photoshopping to an extreme level...smh


It's hardly a secret that Victoria's Secret Photoshops its models. But the lingerie company hardly helped its own edit-happy reputation when it shared a poorly edited image to its Facebook page.
The photo, posted online on Sept. 25, shows a model, back to the camera, donning a pair of Victoria's Secret "cheeky" underwear. The problem: her thigh and butt show clear signs of editing.
The image has steadily gained traction as some commenters shared concerns regarding the botched editing job, while others called into question the company's need to edit model photos at all.
One commenter mentioned competitor Aerie, which earned good PR karma for its widely-covered decision to stop editing models in favor of a look they say is more "real."


  1. Chai! See as Victoria secrets expose themselves.

  2. This woman is already skinny so it's just ridiculous to Photoshop her to look skinnier.whats the sense in that?