Saturday, 17 October 2015

Was ''Ebony Magazine'' right in doing this???

Look what Ebony magazine did to TV’s iconic Huxtable family. Ebony is so wrong for this. Don’t smear TV’s favorite family with Bill Cosby’s real life issues. Is nothing sacred anymore?
The disrespectful cover didn’t sit well with the show’s loyal fans. Many of them took to social media to criticize Ebony for exploiting the Huxtables to sell magazines.

For what it’s worth, Ebony’s majority shareholder is Chase Bank..
From NY Daily News:
Ebony Magazine sparked outrage with readers after releasing the cover of their November issue — which featured a fractured image of “The Cosby Show” cast for a story on broken families in the African American community.
The front page came just days after Cosby gave a deposition in Boston for a sexual battery civil lawsuit filed in Los Angeles.
More than 50 women — including models Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson — have come forward accusing the comedian of drugging them and, in most cases, sexually assaulting them.

What do you think?


  1. Haba this is childish and am so disappointed with Ebony.

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