Saturday, 21 November 2015

Waitress writes scathing letter to woman who told her ‘find your own husband’


Newlywed waitress Jessica Morris is still firmly in the honeymoon period – despite returning to work following her honeymoon cruise.
Jessica and her husband Travis both work as waiters in a restaurant.
During one extremely busy shift, Jessica was waiting on a table of four – two newlywed couples celebrating their honeymoons.
After doing everything in her power to keep the table happy and help with their romantic night, Jessica was shocked to find a non-existent tip with a rude note.
It read: ‘He’s my husband, find your own. Good luck’.
Tip 1

To add insult to injury – the woman even took Jessica’s last pen.
In response, Jessica penned an open letter to the woman on Facebook – and she didn’t hold back.
She wrote: ‘Dear Jenny,
‘I would like you to know, the server that was in the section across from mine, that I kept talking to and checking on throughout the time of you sitting at my table IS MY HUSBAND. Which I found on my own, and looks better than yours.
‘Also, I would like you to know that I’m sorry my husband treated me to a cruise for my honeymoon and not a restaurant. My husband would never let me feel so insecure that I would feel the need to write such a terrible note to a server to make them feel the way you have.
Writing a particularly sassy sign off, Jessica added: ‘P.S. My husband said you can sit in his section next time, that way you won’t have to be so worried about your husband “flirting” with a server. Maybe you’ll see his ring a little better than you saw mine.
‘Signed, Jessica – the woman you offended by thinking so lowly of, that I would attempt to flirt with a man who is with his wife.’Tip 2


  1. Women and kitten fights!

    1. Honestly we thrive on it and to think it was her honeymoon when she should be happy.

    2. @ dee. That's really sad. Hope the insecure customer didn't ruin her day. Poor thing