Sunday, 24 January 2016

This third grader destroys Donald Trump in the best essay you’ll ever read

Donald Trump’s idiocy isn’t exactly a secret — The Washington Globe recently analyzed the 69-year-old presidential candidate’s speech patterns and determines he speaks at a fourth-grade level. Oof.
But it isn’t only adults who think Trump is a moron: Third graders, it turns out, do too.
On Thursday, Bayan Sabouri, a teacher in Colombus, Ohio, shared one of his students’ Martin Luther King Day essays to Facebook.
The short piece, which begins “I have a dream…,” slams Donald Trump, his immigration policies, and lays out some of the horrible things that could happen if Trump were to become president.
It is, quite simply, the best thing you will ever see.
I don’t want to spoil the fun, so check out the poetic piece in its full glory, below
Donald Trump

Gillian Fuller


  1. Hahahahahaa & that won't be an interesting country to live in.

  2. Don't mind the mop head. Lol