Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Woman throws her 1-day-old baby from a 2-storey building

Yesterday, a young woman who resides in New Haven, Enugu State, left her neighbours and fellow residents in a state of shock when she threw her one-day-old baby boy from a two-storey building just hours after she had given birth to the child.
According to reports, the unidentified lady had been impregnated by an unknown person but had decided to hide the pregnancy, which she obviously didn’t want to have, for a while.
The image is too graphic to show, but if you want to look at it click here.
She reportedly gave birth to the boy at her Ezeani street residence in New Haven, Enugu on Tuesday morning unknown to her neighbours, In an attempt to get rid of the child, the new mother wrapped the boy and his placenta then threw him from a two storey building; his skull was reported to have shattered causing him to die instantly.
The police were alerted by eyewitnesses and the lady was arrested. The Enugu State Police spokesman, Mr Ebere Amaraizu later also confirmed the incident and arrest of the lady and stated that she is cooperating with the police in their investigations.
Source: Daily Post

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