Monday, 22 February 2016


This story is just too painful and it keeps happening everyday!

I have written a few letters to the appropriate authorities and haven't gotten any response yet. So I decided to bring the events leading to my beautiful son's death to FIN, in hope that someone/some people in the Nigerian medical and dental board will read it and then the law will finally take its course. I still don't know how I got the strength to write this. The last 2 months has been traumatic for me and my family...
Good Day, My name is Lillian obiageli Essien and I believe this is the right medium to report a certain Dr Vitalis the Chief Medical Director and owner of DE VITALS CARES HOSPITAL,Babalola bus stop in Ilogbo, Ojo local govt area of Lagos State.
On the 9th of December 2015,I took my 2years 5months old son to the above named hospital for treatment. My child had been restless all night and had woken up weak and with yellowish eyes.
We hurriedly left the house very early in the morning and got to the hospital a few minutes past 7am. They inserted a canula,took his blood and put him on iv fluid immediately the blood had been taken. I asked the Dr why the iv was given and what drugs were being injected into the iv,since the results of the tests weren't out yet. And my son wasn't stooling or vomiting either. He murmured B-complex and walked away. About an hour later, the said doctor walks back into the room and I asked him if the test results were out and what the results of the tests were, he said he would be back and walked out again. He kept coming in and going back out of the room without telling me what the results were. This got me very worried. I started to feel something was horribly wrong with my son, and that was why he didn't want to tell me what the results were. The next time he came into the room my son was, I told him I demand to know what the test results were and he said it was acute malaria and his PCV was 18% and that he MIGHT be needing a blood transfusion.
A nurse came in and put in another IV fluid. I asked her what it was and she said saline. The doctor came in and met the nurse and I talking and explained that the saline will wash away the yellowness from my son's eyes. My son became very restless when the 2nd iv fluid got half way and it seemed like he was trying hard to breathe.i asked the 3 nurses that came into the room if they had a nebulizer but they all didn't seem to know what a nebulizer was. They said I shouldn't be scared that it's the malaria parasites that is making him so restless. They kept assuring me that by the next morning,he will be just fine.
Immediately the 2nd IV finished,the Dr came in and asked the nurse to insert a 3rd IV. By this time I noticed my son's belly seemed like it was filled with water and his arms and feet were double its size. I called the Dr and he came in and said I should stop worrying that as long as my son was passing out urine,he was OK. He kept assuring me my child will be just fine.
The 3rd IV finished and they put in a 4th. My son seemed to be finding it so hard to breathe. The Dr came in again and I asked him exactly what all the iv fluid was for. That my child wasn't stooling neither was he vomitting that I don't think he needs anymore IV fluid. I asked him if all the IV fluid wasn't diluting my son's 18% blood,since all the fluid is flowing through my son's veins . He retorted "Ahn Ahn! Are you a medical personnel!? The drip cannot dilute your son's blood!" He left the room immediately and less than a minute later a nurse came in and said the Dr asked her to take out the IV.
At about 10.33pm,the Dr came into the room and I said "Dr please help me. My baby isn't getting any better" and he replied "madam pray to God to help you!". He said he has decided to transfer my son and he wrote a referral letter for me to take my son to another hospital. My son had started gasping and his eyes seemed to have gone right into its sockets and looking even more yellow.
We got into the isolo general hospital, at past 12midnight. The Dr on call seemed shocked after reading the referral letter. I remember him murmuring "what kind of stupid Dr administered all this medication to a child".He immediately put my son on oxygen and my son passed away in my arms after about 2 minutes.
2 weeks later I got a call from a certain Dr Vitalis. He said he was the owner and medical director of the hospital where my son was treated. And that he was calling to apologize for the incompetence of his staff, which led to my son's demise. He asked if I could send my address, so that he can come and apologize face to face and pay condolence. He came over a few days later, with a member of his staff called Jerry. According to Dr Vitalis, on the day I brought my son to his hospital, he had a court case in Ijebu-Ode and left a certain doctor in charge. The doctor in charge had to go for Shiloh 2015(winners chapel church convention/crusade),and invited a Dr friend of his, to come and take his place in Dr Vitalis's hospital. According to Dr vitalis,the Dr whom treated my son wasn't a doctor in his hospital. He was just a friend to the doctor that was meant to be on call. Dr vitalis went ahead to explain to us (my mother ,my husband and I) how a nurse had called him to explain the situation at the hospital and how it was him whom ordered that my son should be transferred to another hospital,because he didn't want my son to pass away in his hospital. According to him, with the explanations the nurse who called him gave, he knew his staff had 'messed' up, and it was 'too late'. Dr Vitalis promised to bring the Dr who attended to my son to come and 'apologize' for his mistakes. My husband asked him what the doctor's name was and he claimed he didn't know. That when he came back from ijebu-ode and heard the entire story of what happened he 'beat the hell out' of the doctor and asked him never to come close to his hospital. He never brought the Dr to apologize.
This Dr Vitalis was unwilling to give out his surname he insisted he will like to be called just 'Dr vitalis' .He point blank refused to disclose his surname but I did my own little investigation and found him on facebook as Vitalis Nwikwu Mezie. I also found a certain news on the internet regarding medical malpractice and a certain Dr Vitalis. I do not know if it's the same Dr Vitalis that is being referred to,however I have posted the link below…/. This Dr vitalis Mezie does not 'appear' as a medical doctor. I understand that doctors do not have a certain 'look', but his mannerisms and spoken words are very dodgy and suspicious . I have strong doubts that Dr Vitalis is a licensed medical Dr and his hospital is registered. I will like the medical association to please investigate this man and his hospital, to avoid more lives being lost to either carelessness ,negligence or a forged medical license/certificate,and also to avoid any human being passing the emotional pain and trauma I am currently passing through due to the death of my only son.
Thank you
Lillian Obiageli Essien

Enough is many more innocent lives will be cut short before something,anything is done..


  1. My God, this is horrific. Such a handsome little boy GONE!may his soul RIP.

  2. This is sad, very sad. I hope they are locked up for life. Evil selfish people, ndi ogwu ego.

  3. This is really sad. I hope the Nigerian Medical Association will do something about the quacks in the medical field killing people in Nigeria. May Shawn R.I.P

  4. This is heartbreaking made more painful by the fact that nothing can bring this sweet baby back to like and more so the fact that it's still going on right now.people and children being killed by greed; negligence and stupidity