Thursday, 18 February 2016

Kanye West throws a massive fit backstage at 'Saturday Night Live'

Kanye West's performance on Saturday Night Live didn't come without drama.
Reports surfaced this week that the rapper had an "epic meltdown" minutes before the show and threatened to walk off. Not many doubted that the story was true, but for any doubters, Page Six has obtained audio from that backstage fit.  
When he wasn't complaining about the stage set, he also managed to call Taylor Swift — whom he had already disrespected in song— a "fake ass" and proclaimed that he is "50 percent more influential than any other human being."
"Look at that sh*t, they took my f*ckin stage off SNL without asking me. Now I'm bummed," he says. "That and Taylor Swift, fake ass. Now I ain't gonna do this, we're breaking the motherf*cking Internet. I went through six years of this f*cking sh*t."
Sources told Page Six that Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian, was in the audience and had to come down, and that creator Lorne Michaels "had to personally talk to Kanye."
"Are they f*cking crazy? By 50 percent, Stanley Kubrick, Picasso, Apostle Paul, f*cking Picasso and Escobar — by 50 percent more influential than any other human being. Don’t f*ck with me. Don’t f*ck with me. Don’t f*ck with me," he continues.  "By 50 percent dead or alive, by 50 percent for the next 1,000 years. Stanley Kubrick, ‘Ye.” 

Emily Blake

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