Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Mikel Obi's fiancee blasts Nigerian women

Some Nigerian ladies where angry when news circulated that, a Russian lady, Olga Diyachenko gave birth to twins in September 2015 for John Mikel Obi (Super Eagles and Chelsea FC midfielder). 

Olga (who is engaged to Mikel) has been getting unnecessary criticisms from 'the aggrieved and nosy Nigerians' for a while. 

She posted a reply to incessant hates on her Instagram page yesterday.
“Bitch don’t worry about my life, it aint for you.” “If my looks, marital status and my life are your priority, you find you can’t hold your opinion in and the urge to comment is so great you can’t help yourself, first of all unfollow, second of all get help, it’s not healthy to have so much hatred for someone you don’t know. Get well soon ️” 

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