Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Brussels suicide terror attacks: At least 23 dead in airport and metro blasts

At least 23 dead after 'suicide bombers' attack Brussels Airport

Brussels has been hit by three explosions after terrorists attacked the airport and metro.
A suicide bomber struck at Brussels airport, with shots fired and words shouted in Arabic before two blasts were heard near the American Airlines check-in desk.
Passengers were seen fleeing for their lives shortly after 8am local time. The airport is on lockdown with all flights cancelled and rail traffic towards the airport suspended.
An hour later, an explosion was heard at a city centre metro station in what appears to be a separate terror attack.
The attacks come four days after Salah Abdeslam was arrested in the Belgian capital in relation to November's terror attacks on Paris.France has paid tribute to Brussels after both cities have been devastated by terror attacks in recent months.
A cartoon image of the tricolore flag holding a crying Belgian flag has been circulated online.
Meanwhile Facebook has activated its safety check feature to let concerned friends and family know they are safe.At least 21 have died following explosions at Brussels airport and a metro station, local media has reported.
Two explosions were heard at the airport and another at a Metro station in what has been described as suicide attacks by Belgian prosecutors.
13 people were killed at the airport and at least 8 people in a blast at Maelbeek station, which is near public institutions, including the European parliament.
Other reports have suggested 10 people were killed on the subway system taking the reported death toll to 23.
The terror level has been increased to maximum for the whole country.Photos from the scene:


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