Sunday, 16 October 2016

Has Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's ex-wife Anita, remmaried?

Pastor Anita Ebodaghe has changed her name to Schafer.
In 2014, Pastor Anita filed for divorce from the Believers’ Love World Inc (aka Christ Embassy) founder, Pastor Chris, citing ‘unreasonable behaviour’ as the reason for the dissolution. The details of the dissolution of the 20+ year marriage was kept away from the public. However, she hinted that she was abused and had to endure adultery during the union.
On February 8, 2016, Pastor Anita’s counsels, Attwaters Jameson Hill, announced that the marriage was finally dissolved by a high court in the United Kingdom.
Now, she has sparked rumours of remarriage, plus her blog’s reader whose comment she approved.
On her official blog,, the former wife of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shows off a new name alongside her maiden name.

        A simple prayer
      Like a clear wire,
      Connects you to your source of supply
      Where your extraordinary resource is divine.

      In prayer you light a candle of hope,
      Even at a time when darkness is all to behold;
      Then a kindle of strength will eventually emerge,
      Taking you from living on the edge.

      It can be a light whisper or a quiet cry at any hour,
      Where there is no pressure or appeal for answers;
      It could be a short statement not in repeating of words,
      But a gentle conversation with our ever-present God.
     This divine dialogue provides incredible power
     And the change will make you feel lighter,
     Like the opening of a blooming flower
     When you say a simple prayer.

                                          Anita Ebhodaghe Schafer

And in the comment section, one of her readers suggests marriage:
The comment from Frau Glauben on 12 October 2016, read:
Congratulations Pastor Anita for your new name. We wish you all the best as you begin a new chapter in your life as you have moved on to the glory of God. Old things are passed away, behold all things have become new. It was such a beautiful ceremony. We are so excited for you and your family. We Rejoice with you, Pastor Anita Schafer. God bless you Ma.”

No official announcement has been made yet if she has indeed remaried.

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