Saturday, 15 October 2016

Hillary Banished Me From My Father: Bill Clinton's 'Son' Speaks

Danney Williams Bill Clinton

The biracial man who claims to be Bill Clinton’s son sat down for his first interview on Wednesday.
Danney Williams, 21, appeared on the Alex Jones show, where he repeated his claim that Clinton is his biological father.

Williams lived a hardscrabble life with his mother and siblings in Little Rock, Arkansas. His mother was a prostitute who, Williams alleges, did drugs with a young Bill Clinton.
Eventally, Williams went to live with his aunt when his mother got strung out on drugs and lost custody of him and his siblings.
“It was rough growing up. We barely was making it. We was broke,” says Williams. He said everywhere he went, people shouted, “That’s Bill Clinton’s son.” Soon he started to believe the rumors himself.
Williams said Clinton sent Christmas gifts and paid money “under the table” to his mother. He said the gifts stopped when Clinton was elected president.
He recalled a time when his aunt tried to visit Clinton at the Governor’s mansion, but the door was slammed in their faces.
“I’m sure Hillary kept me away,” said Williams.
He said no DNA test was ever taken to confirm paternity, despite reports that a secret DNA test was negative.

Hmmm, wonder why he's speaking out now?

Does he look like Bill?

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