Friday, 28 October 2016

The secret behind Mariah Carey & Billionaire James Packer's break-up

It's over...Mariah and James

According to The Sun, the secret behind Mariah Carey’s dramatic split from billionaire husband was backing dancers, bust-ups and boats

After two failed marriages, it seemed that Mariah Carey had finally met her Dreamlover.
Casino billionaire James Packer proposed to pop’s ultimate diva in January after a whirlwind romance that saw the couple jet across the world and holiday on his superyacht.
But the Aussie businessman and the singer have dramatically called off their ten-month engagement following an explosive row in Greece last month.
It is rumoured that Mimi’s close relationship with a backing dancer and disputes over her notoriously lavish lifestyle are to blame.
A close friend of the 49-year-old tycoon revealed: “Mariah spends £80,000 a month ordering exotic flowers from around the world to where she happens to be.

Lavish...Mariah travels by chopper and poses at luxury London hotel
“When they’re on one of the boats, she has her stylist fly in outfits on a helicopter and she spends tens of thousands of dollars in minutes.”
Another source said: “James is very generous, but Mariah takes it to the next level.”
Former Scientologist James, who is worth around £2.8billion, is also said to have struggled with the singer’s decision to feature their relationship in her new reality TV show Mariah’s World, which premieres on E! in December.
A close family friend revealed: “James had huge reservations about Mariah’s TV show and the fact that she was willing to expose their lives to the world.”

Splashing the cash...Mariah poses at luxury London hotel
James is said to be in such a rush to cut ties with Mariah, 46, that he will let her keep the 35-carat diamond and platinum engagement ring.
Mariah’s friends have hit back with claims that he became crazed over her “close relationship” with hunky dancer Bryan Tanaka.
When Bryan suffered a knee injury that left him unable to perform in May, Mariah gave him a saucy lapdance on stage.
In June, James was said to be furious when the dancer showed up at Mimi’s Las Vegas show even though he couldn’t perform.
It’s alleged the Aussie pulled the dancer into a side room where things got very heated.
Sources say James even used his casino ties to have the dancer banned from Caesars Palace, where Mariah has a high-paying residency.
Close...dancer Bryan's relationship with Mimi caused friction
dancer Bryan’s relationship with Mimi caused friction

Mariah wears her £8million engagement ring despite break-up
her engagement ring
To add fuel to the fire, Mariah was joined by Bryan when she went to Nobu.
This isn’t the only time James has shown his fiery side, with the singer’s friends claiming that he “is not in his right mind” and Mariah was left with no choice but to leave him.
The last straw was said to be when he allegedly became “violent” on a yacht in Greece in September.
Sources say he did “something really bad” that involved the singer’s assistant, leading Mariah to end the trip early and fly back to LA.
However, the singer’s representative has denied the split was due to infidelity or her excessive spending, saying: “Mariah and James had a fight in Greece, and have not seen each other since.
“The fight was not because of any cheating allegations or excessive spending.
“They are trying to work it out. They’re not sure if they will stay together.”

Earlier on Thursday, multiple sources confirmed to PEOPLE the engaged couple recently called it quits. A rep for Carey told Entertainment Tonight their relationship went south during a Greece vacation last month, and a source close to the singer told PEOPLE Carey pulled the plug after Packer failed to be “present for Mariah or her family.”
However, a rep for Packer tells PEOPLE claims Carey was the one who called it quits because of Packer’s mental state and behavior are “simply untrue.”
“James has not been in a mentally healthy place. His behavior was not a desirable situation for Mariah so she unfortunately had to leave him,” said the close Carey source.
According to a source close to the billionaire businessman, however, it’s “typical Mariah to just twist things that don’t sound good to her. They split because she has issues. James is definitely an oddball, but a brilliant great guy. To put her issues on James is ridiculous.”
And though sources previously told PEOPLE the two (who got engaged in January) could possibly reunite down the line, the Packer source insists they “definitely won’t be getting back together now.”

James was noticeably absent from Mariah’s Halloween party last weekend, with the singer posing for photos with Bryan, ex-husband Nick Cannon and their twins, Moroccan and Monroe.
Mariah was married to Cannon for six years before he filed for divorce in 2014.
News of James’s break-up might come as a relief to his family.

I though this was it for Mariah.

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