Saturday, 15 October 2016

Video: This lady's outfit sparks outrage @ Abuja airport..

A Lady sparks outrage with her outfit at the Abuja international airport. A video of her outfit has gone viral and in the background you can hear the man who recorded the video calling her an idiot and a devil, her face isn't visible though because it was recorded from behind her. See more of what she wore to the airport below..

What was she thinking???#Speechless


  1. pure madness!there is no excuse for this stupidity, the guy should have recorded her face let's see the face of this madwoman,she should have just come out naked, what's the point?

  2. I would like to believe she's wearing very very sheer undergaments but there's no excuse for this, imagine the balls!

  3. You would like to believe what??? Don't make excuses for her, that's why Nigeria is not moving, you are already her advocate, people make excuses for everything. Na wa oh! No matter the undergarments, it's a disgrace to womanhood. I can't stand this. Damn!

    1. honestly women love to bring themselves down, couldn't she have waited until she gets to her destination and in the BEDROOM before wearing this rag??