Saturday, 19 November 2016

#BragelinaDivorce- Angelina Jolie may have lied over plane fight with Brad Pitt...

Angelina Jolie has been exposed for lying about the supposed fight on their infamous flight to Minneapolis. Shocking FAA audio records have been obtained that reveal there was no fight between Jolie and Brad Pitt on board.Radar Online has gotten their hands on FAA audio records from the Minneapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center on September 14. The audio showed absolutely no evidence of the alleged “fight” incident onboard the plane.
The family had a bumpy flight, not because of the two parents fighting, but because of a turbulence.
According to the reports, Jolie filed for divorce immediately after the plane landed.
Angelina Jolie requested full custody of the children and even cited the fight on the plane as one of the reasons she was requesting full custody of their six children.
It was also rumored shortly after that their son Maddox, 15, got into a physical altercation with his dad, although those rumors were later debunked.
According to E! News, there was no abuse that took place between the father and child.

“There was no punching, and there was no inappropriate contact.
“This was a very normal family argument.”

Things are looking good for the father of six now that he’s been cleared of abuse claims and may not have taken part in the plane fight with his son. The incident was rumored to be one of the main reasons why Angelina filed for divorce, so I think it’s fair for us to question the validity of anything we’ve heard. Regardless of what’s really going on between Brad and Angelina, I hope they can come together for the sake of their children and do what’s best for th

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 Reports have even claimed that there is a video footage of the famous couple and their children at the International Falls Aiport, but months later nothing has been released.

It was also reported by Radar that a radio DJ said that Brad Pitt “relieved himself” on the airport tarmac and was obviously intoxicated.
The local radio host also claimed to have heard them “arguing” from the plane.
“The arguing spilled out onto the tarmac. At which point, Brad Pitt relieved himself on the tarmac.”
“This is so bizarre. Clearly he was inebriated, under the influence. He was a hot mess!”
After the alleged fight on the flight, the LAPD actually launched a child abuse investigation on Brad Pitt. The actor was cleared later in the month, but the investigation almost certainly had an impact on Jolie going for full custody of the children.

Brad Pitt was recently seen at his first public event since the split last week. He publicly thanked his fans for their continued support.
Radar reported that Brad Pitt attended a red carpet event, posing for photos alongside his Allied cast mates.
The actor told E! News that he was happy to be in China promoting his new movie.

Angelina Jolie’s claims are being questioned. And now that Brad Pitt has been cleared of child abuse, did she just hurt her chances at getting full custody?

ew and unsettling details about the alleged plane fight between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have emerged. As previously reported, the 52-year-old “Allied” actor has been investigated for child abuse over the last two months following an incident on a private jet. There was reportedly footage of Brad Pitt violently arguing with his teenage son Maddox while the plane was in flight. Insiders even told Us Weekly he appeared “drunk” and was “yelling” when the plane stopped in Minnesota for fuel. When the news broke, it was obviously upsetting to read. However, there may be one problem with the case: The plane fight might not have been real.

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New and unsettling details about the alleged plane fight between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have emerged.

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  1. Can't say I'm surprised that it's false cos the kind of role she plays in movies truly shows the kind of person she is- hard, unbending and unsmiling, someone that will do anything to get what she wants, someone that has rebuffed her father's plea for reconciliation for so many years!