Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Kanye West faking mental illness?

According to  U.S blogger Sandra Rose, Kanye 's mental breakdown  is fake. Below is what she posted: 

Did Kanye West or his management fake West’s “mental breakdown” in order to avoid a breach of contract lawsuit?

This theory is plausible because West’s suspicious hospital admission for an emergency psychiatric evaluation on Monday comes on the heels of the cancelation of his popular Saint Pablo Tour the same day. The coincidence is too great to ignore.

Published sources report the LAPD went to a private residence to perform a welfare check on West.

Someone thought the 39-year-old rapper was a danger to himself (or others) and ordered him transported to a hospital for a mental evaluation.

West resisted and was handcuffed to a gurney and transported to UCLA Medical Center where he was admitted to the adult psychiatric unit on a possible 5150 psychiatric hold.

The cancelation of West’s tour left over $30 million on the table — money that is sorely needed at a time when West and his wife Kim Kardashian are reportedly having cash flow problems.

The other reason a fake mental breakdown might be plausible is this song titled “I Feel Like That” off the 1st version of West’s The Life of Pablo album.

In the song West reels off a long list of symptoms that a doctor or mental health professional might ask a patient.

Do you experience nervousness or shakiness inside?
Faintness or dizziness?
The idea that someone else can control your thoughts?
Feeling others are to blame for most of your thoughts?
Trouble remembering things?
Feeling easily annoyed or irritated?
Feeling afraid in open spaces or in public?
Thoughts of ending your life?

Then West sings, “I feel like that all the time”.

West’s self awareness is excellent especially since most mental health patients don’t believe they are mentally ill.

Someone with this much self awareness could easily fake a mental breakdown in order to recoup a $30 million loss from an insurance company.

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  1. If he's faking it then he's truly mad!