Sunday, 27 November 2016

Oops! Mariah Carey is being dragged on Instagram for this photoshop fail

Either Mariah Carey’s been lifting heavy, or this is one hell of a Photoshop fail. The singer’s been keeping all her fans up to date with her Thanksgiving movements — but those fans are eagle-eyed. So when she posted an innocent photo of her holding a holiday pie, people took great pleasure in calling her out. Can you spot why they took issue with this pic? 

People said she added some not-so-subtle touches to her left shoulder and right inside thigh. Personally, I’d never have noticed if people hadn’t been shouting about it. 

Mariah Carey poses for Thanksgiving snap on Instagram

User mariaparicio86 wrote, 
I don’t think it was necessary to Photoshop your left shoulder and your inner right thigh!!! You’re a diva and you don’t need any Photoshop!
 Another added, 
Photoshop fail!! Never in my life have i seen bending cupboard doors still cute thowwww.

Mariah Carey poses for Thanksgiving snap on Instagram

 I definitely wouldn’t have seen this touch-up to her leg. 
People say she’s added a curve. I don’t see it. But I do see a very wavy cupboard door. 
Mariah Carey poses for Thanksgiving snap on Instagram

It’s not the first time Mariah Carey has been called out for Photoshop. People were up in arms in July over a completely unrealistic photo of her disembarking from a private jet.


  1. They should free her abeg, photoshop is free plastic surgery :D and it's easy to get carried away and addicted.

  2. world people sef, u can't please. She should ask the kardashians how to photoshop perfectly #grins

  3. She is still a learner cos eveyting is wrong with this photo especially from the ''waste'' down