Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Parenting gone wrong or halloween craze?

Chanel bag costume

This image below  of a boy dressed up as Hillary Clinton is going viral on social media. What makes it worse is the “parents” of the young boy are 2 lesbians who probably convinced this boy that gender is “fluid”.Worst Halloween costume

Do you think this generation is really lost or is there hope? What manner of children are we raising ?


  1. the poor child in the chanel bag looks sad and confused, the boy in clinton attire looks like a girl! smh.God will save our children.And to your question matilda-parents are raising a ticking time bomb for the next generation

  2. Yes o both!parenting gone so f@#%÷$#& wrong and serious craze

  3. Poor emasculated kids.sad

  4. It's just costume people! They are dressed up for Halloween,it's not a reason to judge them as parents!

    1. Excuse me!There's no excuse for this rubbish by saying they are just costumes when it's clearly wrong on every level.When the devil will close people's eyes to see something wrong as nothing.Halloween is even evil please.