Sunday, 13 November 2016

Petition To Remove Donald Trump Gives Hillary Clinton Supporters One Last Hope.

A petition gives new hope to Hillary Clinton supporters who believe they can convince electoral college members to change their minds when they meet to confirm Donald Trump as president on December 19.

Clinton’s supporters hope to convince the  electors to switch their votes for Clinton, since she received about 200k more votes than President-elect Donald Trump.
Clinton’s supporters are holding onto the popular vote as indication that the nation wants Hillary for president.
Because voter fraud is a real threat to Democracy, electoral votes ensures that both parties have a fair and balanced chance to win. That’s why 270 electoral votes are required to be elected president.
The petitioners are banking on the chance that a few  electors can convince over 200 electoral college members to change their minds on December 19, forcing Congress to elect either Clinton or Trump as president.

Will this make any difference? Isn't it better to accept Donald Trump as President and just move on?

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