Thursday, 17 November 2016


Twitter Gets Emotional With #ThankYouObama Salute To Outgoing PresidentThousands take to social media to show their gratitude to POTUS.

President Barack Obama still has more than two months left in office, but the tributes are already pouring in.

The program, “Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration” on BET Tuesday night, prompted thousands of people to tweet their gratitude and caused #ThankYouObama to trend.


Intelligent. Dignified. Poised. Saved economy. Got Bin Laden. Cool as the other side of the pillow. Miss u already.

Tim Black ™


#ThankYouObama for taking a whole mess of Wall Street money and refusing to jail the Wall St Execs responsible for the stock market crash.
    Brian Fraser


💥 #ThankYouObama "This isn't a political witch hunt, either there's a rule of law, or not." ~@GovMikeHuckabee on


Despite GOP obstruction at EVERY STEP, President Obama STILL set all-time record for consecutive months job growth.

Khary Penebaker


Angela Bassett to #FLOTUS: You have been a beacon of light...paragon of dignity in the face of the worst kind of politics

Karlicia Lewis


Yesssss @iJesseWilliams! I grabbed my church fan quick when he said "and another thing" come on with the sermon tonight! #thankyouobama


Ouch that stings. Truth! #wednesdaywisdom#ThankYouObama #RedNationRising#PresidentElectTrump

Lucid Hurricane™✘


#ThankYouObama & the Liberal ultra-left for showing us what u really are. a mixture of fascism, socialism and communism rolled into



#2016WasTheYearThatIFinally accepted what a rare gift The Obamas have been as 1st Family. LOVE this pic! #ThankYouObama

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