Thursday, 29 December 2016

Arik Air passengers forced to sleep on the floor- ''I have not seen this type of wickedness''

Arik Air has received a barrage of criticism for quite some time and unfortunately its not getting any better. Flying during Xmas in Naija is such a nightmare.
Stranded Arik Air passengers were yesterday forced to sleep on the floor while waiting at the Lagos Murtala Mohammed International airport.

One of the affected passengers, Tonye Ibiama shared the photos on Facebook and wrote:

I have not seen this type of wickedness from an airline. After people will say buy Naija to grow the Naira yet the naija is too mean to its own people. 
How do you keep your passengers from 6am to the time of this write up without a word at the Lagos international airport? People have slept over night there without answers. I am a victim and this is my last with Arik air. I have tried so much but who send me?
When you approach NCAA to complain, they don't even seem to have a hold or make this airline to speak to someone. Even the consumer protection means nothing in this country. God help us. Arik is a joke.

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  1. It's only a mad person that will fly arik, its not an airline but a molue