Saturday, 31 December 2016

As you #Countdownto2017 read this..

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Colleen Hughes It's already here in New Zealand!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!! 
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Angel Hyde We aren't promised the entire 365 pages, so we must make the very most and best of the page we're on. And be thankful for every page we are given.
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Tracey Golson Never been much of a writer. Usually just read the story as it unfolds. This year I'm gonna write my own story and it will have a happy ending for a change.
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Lori Pesavento I look forward to whats to come with a new attitude that is positive and look forward t the amazing wonderful things that are gonna happen.....a little scared but So Ready
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Mary Lou Dalaire SET THREE SMALL GOALS TO ACCOMPLISH EVERY DAY... Once you are able to accomplish all three with no stress or difficulty -- challenge yourself (and reward yourself too!!!!)
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Viv Spitalny 365 blank pages? I get what he's trying to say but I have a full book - every chapter - family - community - country - world! Lots to look forward to! Happy New Year!!
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Oksi Setianti I'm looking forward for a positive and happiness coming to my entire life and my Family too, and hope i can work and gonna be Friends with NOxna 😊😀, andd be BETTEEERR
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Leesa Reta New year, New vision. New hope..Its okay not to be okay in 2016 so i hope the coming year will be a good one for me...A new "ME"..😊😘😘
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Eva Bodegon Echevarria Almost here in my year cant stop..but grateful to say..goodbye to my oldself and welcome to my new one..this year will be a good year to me.."Fire Rooster will be a good year..blank book with new holder pen..
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Patrick Graven And so another year goes by, New things happen, old things die, Let's just enjoy the here and now, Not yesterday or tomorrow's how. Good times when moments fly, They're always short as time goes by, They drift like clouds across the sky, Not even the time to say goodbye.

Everyday that it takes to stay alive, Believing in our hearts that there is a way, All we need is to shine from the inside, And embrace the meaning of our living grace. The rising of the sun, A life up to us to be at peace, Under the stars we are all as one, Living the same as the falling leaves.

It is right that we should be so, To feel alive and to grow, And all of this we rightly know, Through this world we safely go. Every night and every morn, All things new and pure are born, Our essence of beauty is worth more, Than all the waves that wash ashore.


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Peggy Mccarthy Live life to the fullest. If you are happy, be as happy as you can be. If you are sad, be as sad as you need to be. REALLY experience life, its a magical thing this life. Stay grateful.
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Magdalena Moreno I must take care of my health
I willl love my family more than ever
I will work harder to get peace of mind and laugh and laugh the harder I can.
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Acalum Lopag Zerimar Incredibly grateful thankful for a wonderful 2016!
We will be careful, And looking forward to 2017!! May you all a New Year filled w/ lots of love, joy, blessings, productivity, health & new oppurtunities. God bless us....See more
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Bromwell Anthony My heart will always be pure! My soul to! I've alway given things to peope an shared half ov wot I've had! I'm not going to change this for nothing! I'm blessed wiv love! An all the good friends, that's been there through my journey! I've learned a val...See more
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Ruth Hale Life is so short its unreal tresure every moment every hour every min and every day cus one day it wil be to.late so live laugh and be happy no one cant make u be happy u have to do that yourself. That is my aim...
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Misty Orlove Wishing all that 2017 will bring you a healthy happy New Year. Its going to be up to you to write the book of 2017. Be kind and positive in all respects. Trust God. Keep the faith in all times good and not so hot. God I'm So Blessed Daily Thank you.
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Deepak Neupane I hope this upcomming year bring a lot of happiness joy all the desire be fulill easily i look forward ti this year 2017 do whatever you want
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Joel Vincent Every day can be a blank page to a new book. No need to wait for a new year.
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Safdar Imam BISMILLAHIRREHMANIRRAHEEM"n praying for good time to come. InshaAllah
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Lyca Alejandro Ajeno God bless and more blessings looking forward for a positive and happiness coming to my entire life esp to my family...Happy new year
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Joleen Ness Happy New Year to family and friends! Enjoy each day and live it to the fullest!
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Brenda Hunter Coffey I definitely will write a good one this year. It will be a good read.
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What are you writing on your 365 pages for 2017

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