Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Oops...Girl gets carried away dancing in a club and doesn’t realise her fake buttocks have fallen out

Olivia then zooms in on the pads and you can see them flailing around, but the girl has no idea

A video of a girl whose fake buttock pads came out while she was dancing has gone viral. 
Olivia Borghesi,  of Fircrest in Washington, USA, was attending a concert featuring rappers Busta Rhymes, DMX and E40 at Tacoma Dome, when she spotted a music lover 'dancing her a** off'.
She decided to film the video of the unidentified girl and post it online.

In the video, the girl is seen dancing as the pads flap around at the top of her jeans.
Olivia then zooms in to show the pads more clearly.
She uploaded the video to her Facebook account, with the caption 'Danced her a** off' on December 17, where it hit 13.8million views.
 The next day, Olivia wrote on Facebook: 'Woke up to in inbox full of thousands of friend requests and a semi viral video. Oh S***.'
Later she said: 'Well it was fun while it lasted. I think the video hit 13.8 million views until Facebook took it down...INSANE! But it's still on Youtube
'Making a video go viral AND making it onto World Star can be crossed off my bucket list. 
'Thank you to those who shared!' 
Since she posted it, the rapper, Ludacris, has shared the video on his Instagram page and she has signed a contract with an entertainment management company.
On YouTube, the video has had more than 141,500 views and several comments.
Misaka-Railgun wrote: 'Literally laughing my a** off.'
Meechy Hawkins also left a comment which said: 'Man did she ever realize her butt was out haha.'

Olivia Borghesi was attending a Busta Rhymes concert at Washington's Tacoma Dome Olivia then zooms in on the pads and you can see them flailing around, but the girl has no ideaThe video was viewed more than 13.8million times on Facebook and 141,000 times on YouTube

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