Monday, 19 December 2016

Sade Adu's beautiful daughter,Mickailia, has finally transitioned into a man

Sade Adu's daughter. Mickailia Adu, officially began her transition into a man in October 2015 and it looks like she has fully transitioned. What a lot of people are not aware of is 6ft 1 Ila is a lesbian, and not only that, she is a lesbian who transitioned to a male identity, which these days means wearing men’s clothing, taking male hormones, chopping off their breasts and behaving like alpha males on steroids.

See the before and after photos of this ravishing beauty who is suffering gender dysphoria.
Ila hasn’t shared what his new name will be, or if he plans to have a new one at all now that he identifies as male. But Ila has reportedly been open for some time about his desire to transition. Of course, you won’t hear what Sade has to say about any of this, because her private life has always remained just that — private. Still, we’re sure she’s been nothing short of supportive of her child.

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with her girlfriend

Sade Adu and Ila

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