Saturday, 17 December 2016

#Zahmed2016...Check out Zahra rocking @ her wedding ball...(photos)


The lavish week long wedding celebration which consists of  a wedding ball, the traditional Kamu (which means “to catch” the bride)Nikai at the National Mosque, a luncheon organised by the president, and a dinner at the State House isn't over yet  and tonight, the wealthy Indimis are hosting newlyweds Ahmed Indimi and the President’s daughter Zahra Buhari to a wedding celebration today in Borno.

Who knew Zahra could rock like this? ;)
The President’s official photographer Bayo Omoboriowo captured them entering with their two little brides, while they had a stunning portrait by Big H Studios.zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimi-wedding-in-borno_2zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimi-wedding-in-borno_4zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimi-wedding-in-borno_1


I guess GEJ's daughters weddings had nothing on this one :)

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  1. hmmm this muslim girls eh they can do and undo when they handle men especially the ones that are always covered up..