Monday, 2 January 2017

George Michael’s Boyfriend Under Police Scrutiny Amid ‘Suicide’ Claims

George's boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz discovered his body on Christmas morning

George Michael’s boyfriend has come under police scrutiny after he tweeted the singer’s death may have been a suicide.
Fadi Fawaz’s tweets suggested Michael, 53, wanted to die and he killed himself.
Fawaz, who began dating George Michael in 2012, claims he never saw the tweets sent out from his official account. He later said his Twitter account had been compromised (hacked). “I did not send those tweets.”
The Lebanese-born hair stylist told police he slept in his car after running errands for Michael in his Highgate neighborhood in north London.
“I fell asleep in my car and I never saw him that night,” Fawaz said.
He claims he found Michael’s lifeless body the next day, “dead, peacefully in his bed”.
But Fawaz, 40, initially said hs spent the weekend with Michael before finding him dead.
“I stayed the whole weekend. I was there Friday night and then I found him Sunday,” he reportedly said.
A close friend told reporters that Michael died from heart failure. But a coroner’s report states his cause of death is inconclusive, meaning the autopsy found no signs of heart failure.
Michael was rumored to suffer from AIDS. He had frequent episodes of pneumonia as recently as 2016.
He also allegedly battled crack cocaine and heroin addictions. A friend claimed the singer was rushed to a hospital on several occasions after heroin overdoses.
Publicist Gary Farrow told the Sun newspaper: “I thought George was too bright to get involved with illegal substances. But once this disease gets hold of you it’s hard to fight it.”

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