Saturday, 21 January 2017

“I Only Wanted To Have A Fling With You, But I Got Stuck,” Actor Jnr Pope celebrates wife's birthday..

Nollywood actor Jnr Pope Odonwodo’s wife Jennifer is celebrated her birthday yesterday and the proud husband took to his Instagram page to share a sweet message.
He said:
Happy Birthday To The Envy Of All Women, My Wife and my life @qutejay
It started with that youthful exuberant thought of just having a fling with you when I first saw you, Little did I know that like a lion cub I was on a journey to find my pride…….My ways changed, My blessings tripled, My joy multiplied, and within a couple of years I am a Daddy of two. Dear God I bless the day you (Jenny) came into my life. Though it’s not been all rosy; I Will do anything and everything to make my marriage work…..So help me God…..Happy birthday My life and love….20/01/2017.
In another photo, he captioned:
HAPPY CAKE DAY, BORN DAY ,…..I went in for a fling and got stuck, A fling turned Marriage, Marriage turned family, Family Turned old age…..(Heading Towards that direction)……Just cannot stop celebrating you my oxygen, The envy of all women ….@qutejay…..Wishing You Everything graceful, Many more happy years to come……20/01/2017

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  1. Serves him right!And I personally find all these information offensive and disrespectful to his wife.