Monday, 9 January 2017

Nigerian-born British royal, Viscountess Emma Weymouth and husband welcome their second child

Viscountess Weymouth, born Emma McQuiston-Jadesimi, has become the first member of the British aristocracy to have a baby born by surrogacy after doctors warned her she could die in pregnancy.

Lady Weymouth and her husband Ceawlin Thyn, Viscount Weymouth, 42, heir to the Longleat estate, welcomed baby Henry into the world on December 30th at a private clinic in the US.

She posted photos of the newborn on Instagram last night and said:

 "We are simply ecstatic. His arrival has completed our little family and brought us much happiness"

The couple, who have a two-year-old son John, used surrogacy after the 30-year-old was diagnosed with a bleed on the brain and adisorder with her pituitary gland during her first pregnancy, The Telegraph reports.

The Viscountess, the daughter of Nigerian oil magnate Ladi Jadesimi made history when she became Britain's first black Marchioness by marrying the Viscount in June 2013. The former TV chef told the press that she encountered racism, prejudice from Britain's prominent rich and snobbery from the upper class, including her mother-in-law, who described her son's marriage to Emma as a "disruption of 400 years of English bloodline"

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