Thursday, 2 February 2017

Beyonce Shuts Down Fake Pregnancy Rumors With Amazing Underwater Maternity Shoot

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Beyonce wade into the water and removed all doubts that she is indeed pregnant with twins. Rumors ran wild on Wednesday when the 36-year-old singer announced she and husband, Jay Z, were expecting twins.
Beyonce and Blue Ivy
Her announcement on, complete with an artsy image of herself posing in a bra and panties while cradling her pregnant belly, touched off a frenzy unlike any Instagram had ever seen before.
Many remember the folding belly bump fiasco that tainted Beyonce’s infallible public image months before  Blue Ivy, now 5 was delivered and many believe it was via a surrogate.
But all of that is behind her now. Babies are a gift from God regardless of how they got here.
Visit to see more images from Beyonce’s amazing photo shoot.
Beyonce and Blue Ivy
Beyonce and Blue Ivy

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  1. Hmm! Congrats to them. Being a celeb cant be easy cos she had to go naked just to prove she's really pregnant.