Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Is Beyonce really pregnant or her baby bump Photoshop?


US blogger,  Sandra Rose doesn't think Queen Bey is pregnant. She wrote a scathing post about the singer's pregnancy announcement.
She captioned the story ''It’s Fake News Day'', she didn't spare the beautiful mother of one.

Read her post below:

This Photoshopped image of grocery store singer Beyonce Knowles-Cartercradling a distorted looking baby bump is making the rounds on social media. The rumor is that the 36-year-old mother-of-one is pregnant with twins.
We know this is a fake photo because the last time Beyonce was purportedly pregnant, she never produced a baby bump photo this quickly the entire time she was allegedly pregnant.
Yes, one could argue that she learned her lesson from the prior fiasco, but history has shown that Beyonce never learns her lesson no matter how many times she screws up. Why should that change now?
Summary: Beyonce is not pregnant, and she needs a better graphic artist.
Do better, Beyonce.

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