Sunday, 5 February 2017

Zahra Indimi has said it all!

Zahra Indimi, daughter of  billionaire business man and Zahra Buhari Indimi's sister-in-law posted the picture above and called out APC for playing the blame game while life keeps getting tougher for almost two years:

She wrote;
"While APC was busy blaming the past government for everything that is bad with Nigeria today, this is what really happened under their watch it's time to buck up and try and fix it. A year and a half of the blame game doesn't help NIgerians that voted for them. Let's all come together as one nation and find solutions. Let's make NIgeria a priority pls. We have only this country to call our own, if APC focuses on that, they might still have a chance of taking Nigeria out of this gloom."

Enough is enough!

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