Friday, 7 April 2017

They have come for Laura Ikeji

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 Laura Ikeji who recently got married to Kanu Nwankwo's brother was put  on blast on her IG page by her fans. They blasted her for still living in her sisters house even after she has married . Some claimed that her husband sleeps with her in Linda's house . That it seems they live in Linda's house . That they have no money to rent theirs...


  1. Maybe they are still building their own house.

  2. They should cut her some sack cos her hubby usnt employed and so Linda has to fend for them for now.

  3. "Celebs" do everything to be famous, then they become famous and want private lives... Impossible. It's simple - you put your life out there, ppl will help you dissect it. We live in a crazy world.

    1. babeweysabiblog7 April 2017 at 19:01

      Hahaha hahaha. .my mind really