Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Why Janet Jackson and Wissam Split

Pop icon Janet Jackson is a 50-year-old single mother because she couldn’t adapt to Wissam Al Mana’s Middle Eastern culture. Wissam, a 42-year-old Qatari businessman, reportedly strayed over the last 5 years while married to Janet.
Despite converting to Islam in 2012, Janet still struggled with the Muslim custom of husbands taking multiple wives.
“They come from very different worlds,” the source told PEOPLE magazine. “For years, Janet tried to adapt to his culture. Since it’s not a culture she grew up with, it’s been challenging for her. She often felt she disappointed Wissam.”
The source told PEOPLE that Janet and Wissam’s “cultural differences” became more apparent after their son, Eissa, was born in January.
Janet may have arranged to become pregnant at age 50 to solidify her status in Wissam’s harem (if there was a harem).
But after the baby’s birth, Janet packed her things and moved with her son to London permanently. She sent for her elderly mother, Katherine Jackson, who was allegedly being abused by a relative in California.
“Janet is all about the baby and is OK, the insider told PEOPLE.

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