Friday, 19 May 2017

The brutal murder of Chidiebere Uka by the Njiribeako family in Imo State


This tragedy happened in Umuchima, Umuoba, Uratta in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo state, South East Nigeria.  It began on the  28th of April 2017, When Chidiebere Uka (the deceased) 25years old, had a fight  with Chimezie Njiribeako the son of one Chief Victor Njiribeako.

The whole family carried the fight forward and on Saturday the 29th of April,2017, the Njiribeako family led by their father CHIEF VICTOR NJIRIBEAKO, his wife,CHARITY NJIRIBEAKO, and their children, NDUBUISI, EMENIKE, EMMANUEL, PEACE and the mastermind,CHIMEZIE NJIRIBEAKO laid an  ambush, upon sighting the deceased on a bike, Chimezie pulled him down from the bike (okada)  and the whole family pounced on him and started beating him up. All plea from the deceased for them to spare him fell on deaf ears as they continued hitting him with deadly weapons , Chief VICTOR NJIRIBEAKO, their husband/father was heard instructing  his family to kill him that nothing will happen. He boasted that  it will only take money and connection which he boasted of possessing.  

Unfortunately, passersby and onlookers  could not do anything as they were threatened with violence by  the Njiribeako family.
The Mother of the family, Mrs Charity grabbed the deceased by his TESTICLES and other members of the family fluttered on him.They continued beating him until he lost consciousness and was left for dead.The deceased's elder brother, Mr.Chimamkpa on getting information  that his younger brother was being lynched by Njiribeako's rushed  to the scene of the incident and met the deceased gasping for breath. He first rushed  him to the nearest hospital around, Salvation Hospital, MCC Road, Owerri where the deceased was rejected, then to Aladinma Hospital,Owerri where he was informed that his sibling is dead. Not believing this pronouncement, he rushed him to Federal Medical Centre,Owerri where it was also confirmed that his brother has died.He then deposited the corpse in the mortuary and incidented the matter at the Owerri North Divisional Police Headquarters,Uratta (Toronto).

The Owerri North Divisional Police had told the family that they were conducting preliminary investigation on the matter from the 30th of April 2017 to the 8th of May 2017. After a week of supposed investigation, we wrote a petition “see attached copies” to the State CID alleging misdemeanor with the handling of the case,  and therefore requested a transfer of the case to the State Command,Owerri. On Monday 8th May 2017, the case was successfully transferred to the State CID,Owerri. Our worry now is that the key suspect and culprit of the killing of our son/brother,CHIEF VICTOR NJIRIBEAKO has been released by the Nigerian Police with the excuse that he was being released on health grounds,with no prior medical report evidencing any ailment(s)

We therefore reject this unfairly prejudiced excuses against #JUSTICEFORCHIDIEBEREUKA.This is because,the said Chief Victor Njiribeako with his earlier boast can compromise the thorough investigation of this case. And presently,we're getting information that the Imo State CID are planning to release another of the suspects on the filmsy excuse that she pleaded an alibi.This is even when they are yet to apprehend the other suspects that absconded.

We implore the Nigeria Police, State CID Owerri, Imo State under the leadership of the Commissioner of Police- CP CHRIS EZIKE  to carry out their investigations into this premeditated murder of a young man in his prime UNABATED, irrespective of whomsoever that is aligning forces OR whose ox is gored, AND we are ALSO using this medium (though we will officially send letters) to extend our invitation to #CivilSocietyOrganizations #NigerianHumanRightObservers #NigerianPress and all other related partners and crime watchers to come to our aid to ensure JUSTICE is served in this matter.



                                                                CHARITY NJIRIBEAKO
                                               ONE OF THE BROTHERS AT LARGE
We will be updating the public as this case progresses,until JUSTICE is seen to have been SERVED!! #JUSTICEFORCHIDIEBEREUKA


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  1. What a barbaric and crude family,I sincerely hope justice is gotten for Chidiebere in this corrupt country and its a pity he wont come back to life