Thursday, 6 July 2017

Does teaching a boy how to cook make him effeminate??Omoni Oboli gets some flak for teaching her son how to cook

So Nigerian actress, scriptwriter and digital filmmaker, Omoni Oboli got some heat on socialmedia for teaching her son how to make puff puff yesterday.
She posted a picture of her son making puff puff for the first time, while also encouraging mothers to teach their sons to cook.

And the trolls came roaring with many insinuating that she is trying to feminize her son..She shared a long comment seen on a popular Nigerian blog and wrote;
‘So #Omonifam, yesterday I posted a picture of my son making puff puff for the first time while I encouraged moms of boys to teach their sons to cook. Swipe to read a comment I saw on twitter. I think it’s a comment from the story  (not sure, someone screen munched it and put it on Twitter). Ladies and gentlemen, let’s discuss…what do y’all really think? Is this wrong? I need to know your thoughts. Bless you ??❤ 
#MamaBoys #ProudNunuMom #ChildOfGrace
Edit: PS: This post is not meant to insult anyone. It’s just for discussion purposes. After all, we are all here to learn. Peace and love ’

Omoni Oboli


  1. Don't mind them girl. The haters are gonna hate. It's alright for girls to try out "boys stuff" but boys can't do the same. Really!

  2. Teach both boys and girls how to cook, especially the boys so they don't end up with one witch cos of hunger.

  3. Why shouldn't boys learn how to cook? Why? The world is changing and we all ought to change with it. Girls should learn some boys stuff (changing car tyres, washing of car etc) while boys should also learn some girls stuff like cooking and grocery shopping. Remember when engineering was predominantly male stuff but ladies now play in that field. Of course my sons will learn how to cook; why shouldn't they?

    1. I tire my broda
      The person that wrote that so long a hateful epistle to Omoni is myopic and crazy
      I even think cooking is a human right and can save a life

    2. The thing tire me too ooo, Boys learning girls stuff does not make them effeminate, it makes them better men and capable husbands. Same for the girls