Thursday, 6 July 2017

Woman Killed After Posting Her Finances On Facebook; Friends Suspect her Husband

Makeva Jenkins

A Lake Worth, Florida woman was shot to death during a home invasion after she shared her financial success on her Facebook page.

Makeva Jenkins, 33, shared her success story after she went from being homeless to making a six figure salary.
“I’m in awe of how far I’ve come,” Jenkins wrote. “Fast forward to now: We overcame being homeless in 2013/2014 to reaching my six figure mark in 2015 to now making multi six figures. No matter what the road looked like, I followed my heart and stuck with it growing my business. I’m saying this to say, anyone can do it. It takes determination and consistency.”
Makeva Jenkins
Jenkins, who had a consulting business, posted an image of a $20,000 bank deposit she received from a client.
“No matter what the road looked like, I followed my heart and stuck with it growing my business,” Jenkins wrote.
A few hours later, a masked gunman arrived at her Lake Worth home.
Jenkins, her children and two friends were in the garage where her husband, Earl Jenkins, a barber, was cutting hair at 1:30 a.m.
The gunman ushered the group into the house and upstairs to the 2nd floor. One of the men told CBS12 he asked the gunman to let the children go downstairs to the pool area.
After forcing the group to lay on the floor, the gunman shot Jenkins execution style in the head. Police say he fled in the family car but abandoned the vehicle around the corner from the house.
“I held her in my arms, she was alive,” said Earl Jenkins before his wife died at a hospital. The assailant did not take any money or valuables from the home.
Suspicion immediately turned toward Earl, Makeva’s husband of 6 years. Earl was unemployed and relied mainly on his wife financially until she urged him to get his barber’s license.

Makeva Jenkins

One Facebook user said she spotted the grieving husband in a Lake Worth strip club on Friday night — a day after his wife died. Others criticized her for judging Earl, saying people grieve differently.
Facebok users blamed the victim for sharing her success story online.
“We should be able to give our testimony without having to worry about people being jealous, or attempting to take our life,” wrote Facebook user Sean Smith in a post on Thursday.
Jenkins had two daughters ages 1 and 13, and a son, age 7.
“She was a very loving person. She loved her kids, and loved her family and loved her husband,” said Patricia Clarke, who coached Jenkins’ 13-year-old daughter on the school’s basketball team.
“It’s a great family and I’m just lost for words for what happened,” Clarke said.

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