Saturday, 29 July 2017

The benefits of being single by singer Chidinma Ekile...

''Some of you do not understand the benefits of being single, while you're not married, you ought to be involved with God. At 5am you can lie in bed and pray in the spirit, you can lie on the floor and worship, you can lie in the bath, praising and worshipping for as long as you want.

The Lord wants you to come home at the end of the day and say 'Lord, I went through so much today, I couldn't wait to get home to worship you, I'm glad you're here'. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be married, just take care of the Lord while you're waiting, minister to Him and worship Him. You're in a position and posture of prayer. The Lord has become your necessary food.

There is a special relationship between God and the single believer. God has a special anointing for the woman who is free to seek Him. Her prayer life should explode in miracles''.

As postulated by singer Chidnma.

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  1. My dear Chidinma, thanks for saring your opinion on this but I beg to differ because you can still do all these and more wen married.In fact being able to juggle being wife and a mother and a career woman takes the grca of God and when it's done daily in a Christ like manner is more spiritually rewarding.