Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Is Tyler Perry married to a trans model?

Tongues have been wagging and questions begging to be answered  after R&B legend Stephanie Mills posted a photo of Tyler and his new wife, Gelila Bekele, at Tyler Perry studios during her concert stop in Atlanta.
Some bloggers  are wondering aloud if director Tyler Perry is married to a male-to-transgender?

Gelila is Tyler’s longtime girlfriend and the mother of his toddler son, Aman. No one has seen the child since he was born in 2014, and no one saw Gelila pregnant.
What throws everyone off about the photo — besides the fact that no one knew Tyler was married — is Gelila strong trans attributes.

Yes, Stephanie is petite, but Gelila looks like a giant crouching next to her. In fact, everything about Gelila looks gigantic, from her head to her hand positioned just so over her genital area.
Several readers over on picked up on those peculiarities.
One writes: “his wife looks like transgender activist Janet Mock! Google it!”
Another writes: “Tyler’s new wife looks like her transitioning went well. Dont get mad if you find Bobby V’s phone number in her phone tho.”
Mr. Perry, who is loved and respected by his loyal fan base, has battled ghey rumors his entire career.
With rappers and R&B singers tumbling out of the closet daily, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Gelila was trans.

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