Sunday, 6 August 2017

Meet 'Bishop'' the target of the murderous Anambra shooting..

Ozubulu town experienced an evil and barbaric act that desecrated  the house of God today with the abhorrent killing of  innocent souls on a Sunday morning.
Lives were cut short, dreams shattered by the hands of gun men and their bullets...all for what???
Well, the pictures of the supposed target Bishop have been making the rounds on social murder after the heinous crime.

For his 36th birthday High Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonu aka Ebubechukwuuzo tarred  a road in his community which was commissioned by the Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano, below is a billboard.
Ozubulu Attack Ozubulu Attack
Social media report allegedly claim the attack was a spillover of a drug related feud, between two Ozubulu brothers who live in South Africa.
It was also alleged that the issue was between Chief Aloy Ikegwuonu a.k.a Bishop (rumoured to be a drug baron), and another Ozubulu man popularly known as Obrocho.
Eyewitnesses allege that gunmen had traced him to his house, but were told he had gone to church where he was meant to hold a thanksgiving service.
According to reports, the battle had allegedly claimed some lives already over there in South Africa.

I hope justice will be swift.

Can't imagine what the families of the dead are going through.

May souls of the victims rest with God.


  1. First it was Evans the kidnapper and now this!
    What on earth is wrong with the Igbo race I ask?
    Someone please tell me.

  2. In the house of God!