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Khloe Kardashian: 3 Months Pregnant and dumped By Tristan Thompson?!

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Is Khloe Kardashian pregnant -- and facing a split from her boyfriend of just over one year, Tristan Thompson?
According to a new report from Star magazine, the 33-year-old's baby dreams have turned into a nightmare as the reality star is allegedly expecting a baby with the Cleveland Cavaliers player, who has reportedly informed Kardashian that he wants to break up

Rumors about Khloe Kardashian being pregnant by Tristan Thompson have been circulating for about as long as the couple's been dating.
But usually, the reports are notably lacking in specifics.

A source tells the tabloid that Khloe placed so much pressure on Thompson to commit to her and start a family that it eventually scared him off.
“Khloe had been trying to lock Tristan down, angling to move in together and get pregnant," the insider says.
“Khloe thought Tristan was her soulmate. Plus, her clock was ticking pretty loudly. There was nothing she wanted more than to have a baby with him.”
If this report is to be believed (big "if"), then it seems Tristan dumped Khloe just before she received word that she's expecting.
The source says that while Tristan will be sticking to his guns and remaining single, he also plans to do right by Khloe and his new son or daughter.
”[Tristan will] do the right thing and stand by Khloe," says the insider.

"But he’s made it clear that it’s all about staying friends for the sake of the baby."
While it'll be the first child for Khloe, Tristan has been down this road before ... quite recently, in fact.
Tristan welcomed his first child back in December, when he was already dating Khloe.
Tristan got Jordy Craig pregnant not long before he started dating Khloe, so he's no stranger to expecting a child with a woman he's no longer in a relationship with.
If Khloe and Tristan really have broken up (again, big "if"), then the split seems to have happened suddenly.
Just last week, Khloe's BFF, Malika Haqq, spoke about her friend's relationship in glowing terms.

"I don’t put timelines on what I think people should be doing, but I believe that Khloe and Tristan do have the makings of a relationship that could stand the test of time,” she told E! News.
“To me, I think most people would look at them and say, ‘They give you husband and wife potential.’"
Maybe less "husband and wife," and more "baby daddy and baby mama."
There's been no official word from either party on this latest round of rumors,

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