Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Ladies check out the sponge inspired stilettos !

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This is what you get when designers run out of ideas....Introducing the sponge 
inspired shoe by Designer Christopher Kane.

The designer debuted shoes that literally had sponges attached to them.We’re all well aware that fashion is a *little* ridiculous, but every so often a designer goes that bit too far and all you can do is groan.
This London Fashion Week, Christopher Kane was on hand to make us roll our eyes like you don’t believe. Why? Because his interpretation of this season’s hottest shoes involves dish sponges.
Yep – the humble sponge you use to do the washing up is apparently now high fashion. Who’d have thought it?

Christopher Kane debuted shoes that literally have sponges attached to them

Image may contain: shoesImage may contain: shoesShoe of the Day at LondonChristopher Kane ready to wear fall 2017
Well, if you really are inspired by Kane’s adventures in footwear, at least you know you can do a bit of DIY and attach your own sponges to your shoes at home. It’s high fashion, dahling.

Yay or Nay?

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