Saturday, 27 June 2015

Meet the baby that was born old....

Some times when I watch some movies that are really diverse or inexplicable I ask myself what if it happens in real life or what even gave birth to such imaginations of the writer of such movies? Like ''The Curious Case of Benjamin Button''- the story of a baby born old and reverses in age as he gets older, another that comes to mind is ''World War Z''- the unimaginable occupation of the world by zombies*shudders* both starring Brad Pitt. It seems the former has happened:
Sometimes nature is mystifying and this is one such case...Newly born baby in west zone Maharashtra looks like an  old man, and the baby's mother refused to breast feed the baby. How sad. A mother must have unconditional love for her child..what would you say to this baby's mum?


  1. Gaskia I don't blame the mother! D cutie's look will scare anyone including the mum! It is well with this family...

  2. I honestly dunno, why do strange things happen in India?