Saturday, 27 June 2015

Tunisian massacre heralds Ramanadan threats..'Ramadan will have lots of surprises'- ISIS

This haunting tweet, attributed to ISIS, showed how the terrorist group was plotting an attack on Tunisia 

Can peace ever reign in this world of ours? How does a parent explain certain things to a child that an adult is still grappling to understand like the Tunisian massacre, the most recent attack by ISIS?
Peace and safety seems to be elusive and expensive to possess...

The massacre on a Tunisian beach resort that left at least 39 dead followed a chilling threat from ISIS that 'Ramadan will have lots of surprises'.
ISIS yesterday claimed responsibility for the deadly shoot out, as well as the attacks in France, Kuwait and northern Syria in a day of terror.
The killings came on Friday, Islam's holy day, and came after a call by the terrorist group for attacks by 'Muslims everywhere' during Ramadan.
A spokesman for the murderous organisation promised 'tenfold' reward in paradise for those who targeted 'the kuffar' (unbelievers) during the holy month. 
The attacks also come a year since ISIS announced a self-declared caliphate, which led to a wave of barbaric killings by the group.
It also comes at a time when ISIS has felt under pressure, having lost ground in Syria, Iraq and most recently, Libya. This gave the group a greater incentive to hit back and regain some momentum. 
On Tuesday, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the chief spokesman for ISIS, put out a statement urging jihadists to attack western targets.
In a chilling message, he said: 'Allah may increase the reward of a shahid [martyr] tenfold in Ramadan in comparison to other months.
'So, O Muslims embark and hasten towards jihad. And O mujahidin [jihadists] everywhere, rush and move to make Ramadan a month of disaster for the kuffar [unbelievers].'A grieving woman weeps as she lays flowers at the beach next to the Imperial Marhaba Hotel where at least 39 people were killed in a terrorist attack yesterday Holidaymakers console each other following the deadly shoot out in Sousse, a popular holiday destinationTwo workers begin the clean-up operation in front of the Imperial Marhaba Hotel following yesterday's attack
Peace we need you desperately...

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