Thursday, 29 October 2015

About Dencia and the hawker with ''piercing blue eyes....'''

Today, singer Dencia bit more than she could chew with one of her fans on social after she narrated an interesting story about her experience recently in Abuja when she visited Nigeria. It all started innocently, the ‘Rodeo Dr’ singer narrated  some of her acts of kindness on the streets of Abuja on social media, but the uplifting stories boomeranged when an aggrieved fan refused to believe the Good Samaritan story. Read her story:2015-10-29 13.37.162015-10-29 13.35.53
2015-10-29 13.36.33
But one her followers just wasn't buying her story, claiming that there were irregularities in it, especially because it was odd that two different girls would say the same thing in appreciation. She also called Dencia out for making failed promises, saying that after she released her single, ‘African Energy’ and called for a competition among her fans, she never declared the winner of the $10,000 prize.
2015-10-29 13.32.22

Rather than respond to the fan, Dencia deleted her original caption, edited what the guava seller supposedly said and then added a new twist – that she and her bestie had been in awe of the girl with the ‘piercing blue’ eyes.2015-10-29 14.13.41

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  1. Cant stop laughing kikikikiki, this is what they call a bare faced lie! Piercing blue eyes indeed