Saturday, 17 October 2015

Heartbreaking story! Father finds his son dying after he refused to murder for a gang

This is just so heartbreaking..A brave schoolboy was thrown from a 450ft bridge after refusing to murder a bus driver for a local gang.
Twelve-year-old Angel Ariel Escalante Perez was discovered three days later by his devastated father and rushed to hospital, but sadly he died of his injuries.

According to the UK Mirror , the young boy told how the gang, in Guatemala City, Guatamala, had ambushed him as he walked home from school and demanded he murder a random bus driver or be killed himself.
But the selfless youngster, whose father is a bus driver, refused to take part in the violence and instead sacrificed himself.
He was then given the choice of being killed with a machete or by being thrown from the bridge and chose the latter before being thrown from the Incensio Bridge in Guatemala City.

Despite plunging almost 450ft, Angel survived after landing on thick foliage below, but lay undiscovered for three days before being found by his father, Luis Escalante.
He was rescued from the deep gully by firefighters and medics fought for 15 days to save his life, before he tragically died from his injuries.


  1. This really really made me cry! What a wicked wicked world we live in that kids will want to kill strangers for the fun of it and to think this boy died for his conscience is simply inspiring.He gave his life for another.*wipes tears*

    1. So so sooo sad....may his sweet soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.. no words can express my dismay... may God forgive them..