Thursday, 11 February 2016

Rihanna breaks 100 million RIAA song awards

Rihanna , who recently dropped her much-anticipated ANTI album after months of delay and challenges, has been named first and only artist in RIAA Gold & Platinum history to be certified with a 100 million song awards. Her ANTI album was also officially certified platinum by the RIAA last week.
The RIAA is an American company known to support and promote the creative and financial vitality of the major music companies. They also help artistes connect with their fans while reaching their full potential. 
Rihanna Image Credit : twitter

This accomplishment means a lot to the Work singer as Billboard had initially refused to acknowledge ANTI  as platinum certified. According to media company, her $25 Million dollar deal with Samsung made the album available to download for free and that made her album unqualified to be acknowledged on their charts.
“Billboard has a well documented policy of not counting free albums towards the charts.” said a Billboard spokesperson. However ANTI, which sold 1 million copies in less than a day even though it was leaked before its release, is currently topping the Billboard 200.
Rihanna was presented with a RIAA certified plaque and also a certificate for her ANTI album yesterday

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  1. My darling Rihanna, I'm proud of you, fan for life.