Friday, 16 December 2016

Is the Kardashian financial empire crumbling?

Dash NY closes

The Kardashians are in the midst of a serious financial crisis. Their once thriving Dash Boutique at 119 Spring Street in SoHo closed its doors this week, according to published reports.
A truck was spotted outside the Dash boutique in Soho, NYC, where workers removed the store’s merchandise and taped up the windows.
According to the rent was $1.4 million a year for the space.
Reports of the Kardashian’s financial problems have been circulating for years. The family is reportedly $100 million in debt.
The Kardashians woke up to the realization that their empire was crumbling when Kim Kardashian allegedly faked a robbery in Paris earlier this year. Rumor had it that she staged the robbery to recoup $5 million in insurance money.
Then Kim’s husband, Kanye West, canceled his Saint Pablo tour leaving $30 million on the table. He was involuntarily hospitalized the same day after he allegedly experienced “temporary psychosis”.
Once again rumors swirled that West faked his mental breakdown for insurance money.
Someone threw an incendiary device through the window of the Dash LA store in 2014. Then a Dash store in Las Vegas was shuttered due to slow sales.
The Kardashian sisters still have stores in West Hollywood and Miami in addition to their online boutique.


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  1. Not possible!Their momager will sell Kim to the highest bidder if need be