Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Trump’s Secret Service agents wore fake arms on inauguration day..

prosthetic arms

Members of the military and law enforcement communities noticed something odd on Donald Trump’s inauguration day in Washington, DC. At least 2 Secret Service agents wore prosthetic arms that never moved throughout the inauguration parade.
According to the experts on, the agents’ hands were concealed under their coats, resting on fearsome firepower capable of shooting off a would-be-assassin’s trigger finger at 100 yards.
prosthetic arms
In the video, the bald agent closest to Melania Trump is wearing prosthetic arms. In news footage his hands never seemed to move as he walked alongside Mrs. Trump.
prosthetic arms
The agents seemed nervous and tense when Trump, his wife, Melania, and son, Barron, got out of the tank and started walking down Pennsylvania Avenue, waving to the crowd.
The members of military and law enforcement communities believe the agents were carrying FN-P90 fully automatic rifles similar to the one pictured below.
FN P90
The FN-P90 is small enough to be concealed under their jackets and powerful enough to vaporize a fully grown man.
Also interesting in the video, around the 2:35 minute mark, you can hear Trump saying to his wife and son, “Okay, get back in the car. Get back in the car”.

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