Wednesday, 5 April 2017


 Copied from Shittu Fowora's FB Page .. .
"Men and boys are committing heinous sexual crimes against women and children in the North. Last week we heard the case of the 7 month old girl somewhere in Katsina State, who was raped by her stepfather until her anus and vagina became one. We didn't finish digesting that one before another story of a vice principal in Niger State impregnating his student surfaced. Then another one of about 6 students being impregnated by one man. Now we are hearing another one in Taraba State that a Senator's son raped a 7 year old girl anally resulting in her death. Do you remember the story of Hassan Gwarzo Secondary School in Kano State where it was rape galore of the poor boys put in the School's trust until a mother cried out when her son anus was destroyed?

I want to know, where is the outrage? You know, like that outrage many of us felt when Rahama Sadau danced with a boy in a YouTube video? That outrage that took over our lives for so long especially when she went to America and wore jeans? When we saw and heard our Northern men and women invoking the wrath of God upon her?
Where is the outrage? The 7 month old baby is still in hospital fighting serious infection in addition to the wounds she sustained by her rapist. The 7 year old girl is said to have died because her internal organs were destroyed when the Senator's son raped her anally. The pregnant students will definitely live with the stigma for the rest of their lives. Where's the rage?
Aminu, a boy of 12yrs old in Kontagora,was kidnapped,sodomised and raped for two weeks. The boy died in the hospital after his abductor was caught. Yet the court handed the sodomist 1 month imprisonment with a fine of N30,000 ONLY. Where's the rage? Where's the outrage?
The Hassan Gwarzo boys have their anal wounds and psychological scars to live with until they die.
Where is the outrage?
~Badiya Dauda Mani
(emphasis added)
On that thread, someone made this comment which I love....
"You will find none at all Shittu. No outrage. What you will get is two deep sigh. One heaved in fleeting sympathy and the other in relief that the victim is not one of theirs.
Then they move on to what really deserves their outrage. Who deserves to win bb naija, which housemate is real and which is fake (You think I joke?, Wait till Sunday to see how your phone will heat up from the updates). They move on to the next trending news and by weekend it's all about owambes and places of worship dedicated to either the Christian or Muslim God. These are the only true things worthy of outrage. Sad innit?"

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  1. Honestly I'm so incensed!these northern claim to be devout and holy and yet the evil and atrocious crimes they comic makes the devil cringe and as usual nothing absolutely nothing happens